Dear Friends

Dear friends,

Well it’s been quite a journey launching my new website. So much effort has gone into it, but it’s been exciting seeing months and months of work finally come to fruition. It’s only phase one, but I think you will all agree it’s a lot more eye catching than the last version. And, hopefully easier for you all to use too! I’ve had some great feedback already, but please send me any thoughts you have as I’m always looking to improve. And there will be future developments on the horizon too.

Autumn is here now and I know lots of my customers are on their way to some exciting family events. I’ve got a number of people who are getting ready for that family gathering at Christmas which is just around the corner. Please do get in touch if I can help you with that extra special occasion too. At Palanquin Flair we pride ourselves on helping our customers find that something a little bit different. You not only want to look stylish, but be practical too. So for any of those last minute items please scroll through our online showroom now.

I often have people come to me with ideas and styles or clippings from magazines. I always love how the Duchess of Cambridge looks, what a great stylist she has. So if you are the same and love to get inspiration from others or from magazines or such like, then please bring your inspiration clippings along if you are coming to my showroom. It can help me and you match exactly what you are looking for. A lot of our items are either individually made or there are only a few produced, so you can be sure you are unlikely to see everyone wandering down the street in your unique item.

So please get in touch and book an appointment to our showroom for our autumn collections – especially for those chillier days in mind.

With lots of love
Judith Smith

2 thoughts on “Dear Friends

  1. It was lovely to see you at Yew Tree Barn on Saturday….I hope you had a great weekend? Did you sell the cloak?

    • Bella, I did sell the cloak! It was much admired. It was a lovely surprise to see you too.
      It was a wonderful event we had a band and a really interesting selection of stalls.

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